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~Love Me~

he sun peaks over the mountain tops.  Shadows of a new day begin to dance
around me.
Sitting,  listening ever so quietly I hear the chanting leaves of the
Aspens, the music of their heart.  They sing a song calling out someone's

I listen closer.  The river close by sings a gay little tune as the water
rushes over the top of the rocks.  The morning dew touches each plant and
flower, giving it nourishment to grow.  The cool misty air rises above the
ground at the break of dawn.

The beauty that surrounds me touches my heart like nothing else could.  The
crisp clean air, birds singing as they greet the new day.  They each have a
story to tell, something to rejoice about.  If only we took more time out of
our busy lives to stop and listen.

She is calling us.  She knows each of us by name.  Do you hear her calling
you?  The message she has to give is our own.  Nobody else shares it for it
has a different meaning for each of us.

As I walk up the side of the hilltop I can feel her presence ever so near
yet so far away.  I sit and watch the valley below.  The animals at play
enjoying the wholesomeness of which they live in.

The deer graze on the tall green grass as their doe drinks from the clean
river, squirrels busy gathering their winter food.

Who is she?  What does she want?  What does she have to say to me?

As I sit and mediatate I hear her, "It is me, Gaia, your mother earth,
keeper of the North.  See the beauty that surrounds you?  This I give freely
to you.  I need you to keep me strong.  Think of me often.  Keep me growing,
keep me alive.  I am yours.  Let your children see the same beauty as you
do.  Don't take me for granted.  I am old and need taken care of, my child.
Love me".

I sit and ponder her words.  I watch the sunset fall behind the mountain.
As the day closes the meaning is so much deeper then I fully understand, yet
so simple.  "Love me."  That's all she asks of me.  So easy to say, yet so
hard to understand.  "Love me".

Written by MtnBeach Aug. 20, 1998