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Magick of the Moon

There are 4 different phases of the Moon that Witches work best.
The Full Moon which is the most powerful, the Waxing Moon, the Waning Moon & the New Moon.

The Full Moon energy is used for banishing unwanted infuences in your life, protection magick, and divination. Full Moon Magick can be effective 3 days prior, 3 days after and the Night of the Full Moon. Known as the Mother.

The New Moon is used for Personal Growth, Healing, the blessings of a new project or venture. The three days before the New Moon is known as the dark of the Moon this is a good time for Deep meditation and vsion questing.

The Waxing Moon~ This is the phase of the moon between the New Moon & the Full Moon. During this cycle of the moon is when you want to do Constructive Magick. which would include things such as Success, Love, Protection, Health, Fertility.
The Maiden or Virgin.

The Waning Moon~ This is the phase of the moon between the Full Moon and the New Moon. During this cycle is when you do Destructive magick which would include such as Binding Spells, Separation, Elimination, Extermination. The Crone or as call her, Grandmother.

With the rotation of the Earth there are thirteen Full Moons and each carries a traditional name:

January ~ Wolf Moon
February ~ Storm Moon
March ~ Chaste Moon
April ~ Seed Moon
May ~ Hare Moon
June ~ Dyad (pair) Moon
July ~ Mead Moon
August ~ Wyrt (green plant) Moon
September ~ Barley Moon
October ~ Blood Moon
November ~ Snow Moon
December ~ Oak Moon
Variable ~ Blue Moon

There is also the Harvest Moon that falls near Mabon. It's used so that farmers have extra Moonlight to bring crops in from the fields.

The Blue Moon occurs when the moon with it's 28-day cycle appears twice within the same calander month, due to that month's 31 day rotation.