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Crystal Chart
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AGATE "Strength Stone"
Banded Agate: good physical healer, strength, courage
Blue Lace Agate: calming, peaceful, reduces stress level
Botswana Agate: strong protective stone for travel by air
AMAZONITE: "Joyful Stone"
Upliftment, encourages hope and faith in handlling day to day stress, success, prosperity, crativity, soothing to the heart.
AMBER: "Organic Healer"
encourages body to heal itself, promotes harmony and a positive attitude, absorbs negative energies, soothing when rubbed, highly magnetic and electric, warming, radiates light, longevity, protective, enhances natural beauty, attracts love and luck, revitalizing.
AMETHYST "Sprititual Stone"
enhances intuition, inspiration & psychic abilities, clarity and insight, excellent for meditation, eases mental stress, promotes good dreams, spiritual growth, hlps people in recovery through mental awareness.
Febrary Birthstone.
APATI TE "Inner Clarity Stone"
develop oneness with highter self and past life insights, peaceful, enhances creativity, betters teaching and communication skills.
AQUA AURA "Illumninating Stone"
quartz crystal with gold overlay, attracts positive warm glow to aura, amplifies energy, has similar properties to quartz crystal.
AQUAMARINE "Water Protection Stone"
protection while travel over water, camlms nerves, soothes tension, cleansing effect of the ocean, emotionally balancing, peaceful meditation, purification, helps reduce fears.
AVENTURINE "Positive Attitude Stone"
a gentle healer, promotes a sense of wellbeing, peace & tranquility, emotionally balancing, abundant, prosperous, attracts luck
AZURITE "Insight Stone"
introspection, wipes away the blues, greater inspiration and imagination, clairoyance, excellent for meditation, creativity, motivation, helps one to dissolve mental limitations, transformation.
BLOODSTONE "Healing Stone"
an amulet to guard against disease, therapeutic, helps to sweep away blocks to move you forward, strengthens heart, energy and vitality, prosperity, victory, longevity, power, helps one to release emotional stress.
March Birthstone
BOJI STONE "Balancing Stone"
balances ying-yang; male and female; postive and negative energies in the body and aura, highly electromagnetic, very effective for speeding up the body's own healing proces, staable and grounding, powerful connection to the earth's energies.
CALCITE "Cleansing Stone"
Clear or Optical - helps you to see things in a new, clear way
Green - heals the heart center, prosperity, carity & insight
Honey - manifest abundance, self confidence and willpower.
Orange - helps to instill more passion and motivation in life.
CARNELIAN "Motivation Stone"
helps one to be more social and to overcome shyness, restores ambition and direction in life, protection and courage more passion and energy, joy and sensuality.
CHALCEDONY "Nurturing Stone"
balanced energies of the body, mind, emotions and spirit, symbolizes benevolence, good will & generousity, soothing and nurturing
CHRYSACOLLA "Goddess Energy Stone"
kindness and compassion, humility, emotinally nurtueing, draws out feminine side and increases epathy and sensitivity, eases anger, planetary healing and peace.
CHRYSTOPRASE "Inner Talent Stone"
inner peace, joy, personal insight eases adjustments to situations, stimulates creativity.
CITRINE "Self Confidence Stone"
helps one to manifest goals, cheerful and sunny disposition, attracts abundance, personal power, stimulates body's own healing energies, elevates self esteem, centering
DIAMOND "White light Stone"
amplifies positive energy, faithfulness, attracts abundance, sttrengthens undconditional love for one another.
April Birthstone
EMERALD "Security in Love Stone"
prosperity and abundance, attracts love, strengthens memory increases spiritual insight, widsom, emotional balance, patience.
May Birthstone
FLUORITE "Genius Stone"
hepls one conceentrate and focus, disperses mental tension, mental clarity, deepens meditation, clears mind of worries.
GARNET "Success Stone"
rekindles passion, renew love, helps one to express emotions more easily, prevents fears of insecurity, success in business, energizing, helps in leadership abilities with added inner strenght.
Janduary Birthstone
HEMATITE "Optimist's Stone" (iron oxide)
stable and grounding,, positive outlook in life, willpower and courage, helps resist stress, energizing magnetic drawing power.
(a variety of quartz found in Herkimer County, N.Y.)
enhances dream awareness and lucid dreaming, greater clarity and insight throught use of dream journals, amplifies energy & intuition powerful tool for manifesting, past life memories enhances properties of other stones, similar properties to quartz crystal.
HOWLITE "Calming Stone"
Helps one to relax, for people in stressful situations, can help one sleep more easily calms nervousness, high calcium content, gentle
IOLITE "Vision Stone"
excellent for guided meditations, enhances spiritual growth & intuition, facilitates acceptance of responsibility stimulates visions.
JADE "Longevity Stone"
wisdom, prosperity and abundance, protects against negative energies, serenity, nurturing, essence of love, promotes good health. fidelity inspires accomplishment of goals, helps to remember dreams.
JASPER "Stability Stone"
physical healing, balancing, centering, stimulates energy movement, scurity, stamina, earth energy, very protective, ease emotional stress. Found in many shades of red, green, brown, and yellow
KUNZITE "Emotional Healths Stone"
lifts sadness and self esteem, high lithium content, helps heal emotional pain, acceptance to self, unconditional love, soothes nerves, helps adjust to life's ups and downs
enhances psychic ablilities, aling with Higher Self and Spirit Guides, inspiration for personal & spiritual growth, deepens meditation and serenity, self realization of one's destiny through clarity & insight.
LAPIS LAZULI "Visionary's Stone"
wisdom, spiritual insight and awareness strengthens mind, enhances psychic abilities, high connection with Higher Self an Spirit Guides, truth, good judement
LARIMAR "Ansetic Stone"
pure, gentle qualities, nurturing, serenity, acceptance, tolerance, open mindedness, inner guidance, truth, uplifting, joyous, creativity, the stone of Earth healing, aka Pectolite from the Dominican Republic.
LEPIDOLITE "Inner Peace Stone"
sometimes combined with pink roumaline, helps one to express joy from within, uplifting, high lithium content, helps people in recovery, restful sleep, emotional healing, soothes anger.
MALACHITE "Protection Taliman"
can draw out emotional pain through absorbing properties, traveler's guardian stone, helps draw people to you for better business success and prosperity relieves muscle tension & stress
MOLDAVITE "High Vibration Stone"
said to have fallen to earth 16 million years ago, high energy frequency, aids channeling, accelerates spiritual, mental & emotional shifts, helps one to move forward and be transformed
MOONSTONE "Emotional Balance Stone"
calms over reactions to situations with greater tolerance, patience and flexibility in attitudes, connection with moon and feminine energies, enhances intuition and self esteem, allows more empathy and greater harmony, restful sleep, soothes the heart, said to ease childirth.
July Birthstone
OBSIDIAN "Protection Stone"
Apache Tears: absorbs negative energies, helps one to let go of the past, grouding, facilitates transformation and rebirth, helps to prevent emotional draining from others
Snowflake Obsidian: balances male & female ploarities that exist in us helps us to live as a whole person, disperse negativity.
ONYX "Detachment Stone"
aids seperation, strenght of mind, protective, disperses negative energies, grounding.
OPAL "Inner Beauty Stone"
intuition and insight, brings out your inner light, diffuses and scatters energy and light, allows one to look into many things, Fire opals for succes in business nad prosperity. Black opals for personal power and good luck.
October Birthstone
PERIDOT/OLIVINE "New Opportunity Stone"
attracts abundance and prosperity, enhances personal growth, protective when set in gold, hels body and mind, attracts love, soothes nervousness for more peaceful sleep, helps visiualization.
August Birthstone
(crystals with a pale outline of another crystal inside) assists in growth beyond our perceived limits, helps one to reconnect with past life memories to see where we came from and where we are going, more positive outlook on life.
PYRITE "Fools Gold"
prosperity, practical, grounding and stablizing, work in harmony with others, willpower and self confidence, greater mental clarity.
QUARTZ CRYSTAL "Positiive Energy Stone"
stores amplifies, activates energy stimulates body's own healing abilites, generates electro-magnetic energy, very positive & balancing, increaces energy of other stones, clusters promote harmony, clarity and insight, symbolizes purity patience and perseverance.
RHODOCHRISITE "Self Esteem Stone"
blends courage, will and passion, helps heal emotional distress with unconditional love, higher self esteem and confidence, wider flexibility in attitudes, forgiveness.
RHODONITE "Self Esteem Stone"
attracts love and friendship, raises self confidence and self esteem, calming, helps to cast away doubts, restores energy and memory, helps dispel anxiety, assists in attaining one's potentioal
ROSE QUARTZ "Friendships Stone"
opens our hearts to giving and receiving loce, camls emothions in every day ups and downs, helps release stored anger and aids forgiveness, greater appreciation of the smaller things in life, enhances sensitivity & tenderness, empathy and compassion for others, brings out inner beauty & self acceptance, happiness
RUBY "Spiritua Devotion Stone"
reduces negative thought patterns with greater love for self and Spirit, said to help nightmares, stimulates motivation and passion in life, success in business, prosperity, protection.
July Birthstone
quarz crystal with rutiles, highly electro-magnetic, strengthens positive directions, disperses negativity with light, a llight bulb flash of inspiration, enhances & directs body's own healing abilities.
SAPPHIRE "The Philosophers Stone"
gem of destiny, for tranquil meditations, spiritual wisdom and prophecy, enhances psychic abilities, as a guadian of love it helps relationships through understanding, attracts prosperity, protective.
SELENITE "Moon Goddess Stone"
affinity witht the moon, feminine energy, clarity, insight postive
SMOKY QUARTZ "Grounding Stone"
neutralize negative inflluences, stabilizing and grounding, excellent for meditation & relaxation, dream awareness, endurance.
SODALITE "Mental Clarity Stone"
through greater personal insight and wisdom one can be more objective and less critical, calms the mind to clear out old thought patterns, better perspective on life with attitude changes, connects one with Higher self and Spirit Guides
TANZANITE "Magic Stone"
helps one to manifest desires through will and vision, enhances personal power and insight, good for protection and safety.
TIGER'S EYE "Lucky Stone"
promotes abundance, helps in decision making and eases stubbornness by helping one to see both sides of a situation, builds self confidence and courage, brings out masculine warm energy.
TOPAZ "Abundance Stone"
known as "lover of gold", attracts prosperity and love, protective influence, positive warm energy, sheds light on your path, recharges energy levels for more motivation, comforting.
November Birthstone
Black - very protective, disperses negativity, helps release fears.
Blue - inner vision and wisdom, creativity & communication
Green - prosperity, expression of love, business success
Pink - attracts love, promotes friendship through sharing
Watermelon - opens heart to more love & understanding
quartz and black toumaline: helps direct one's action in a positive direction, balancing, helps clear negative energy, protective, stable
TURQUOISE "Understanding Stone"
through better communication problmes can be solved more creatively, said to protect from falling, helps speed healing process through relaxation promotes abundance, inner beauty, helps atttract new friends, reduces stress & tension
December Birthstone
UNAKITE "Empowerment Stone"
take charge of your life, helps release blockages to enhance personal growth

Crystals and gemstones are tools towards living a more positve life and should be used to empower yourself to transform and grow. We posess with ourselves everything that we need to live life fully. Crystals and gemstones serve as a visual and energetic tools to help us on our path. We should not give our power away to them. They are not meant to be a substitute for medical attention.

The information on this page I recievedd from:
Sedona's 1200 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, HI

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