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My Mudane Life

True Friends are Always There When You Need Them
For & From a Dear Freind of Mine

People always ask me about my "Nick Name". I've gotten anything from Manhatten Beach to Manhatten Island. Well, I'm MtnBeach (Mountain Beach). Why? It's the two places I know I can go in the world to feel complete solitude. Now, on to the boring stuff.........

I'm an ex-Army Wife (should have divorced the ex and kept the army. I have 3 Beautiful Children, Renee' 13, Spencer 11 & Krystal 8. BTW......I now live with a a wonderful man that fulfills my every need.

I'm the youngest of 7 children. Or as my siblings call me the bratty baby of the family. Born Sept. 6, 1970. I'm originally from Idaho. Lived half my Life in Idaho the other half in Utah. Growing up I had quite a unique opprotunity. My father took an early Medical Retirement. We would head for the mountains of Idaho or Utah. There we would camp, fish, hike and go skinny dippin' (shhhhhhh don't tell mom & dad). We would return home about a week before school started. Now you know why I have such a love for my Rocky Mountains.

I enjoy crafts of only the kind I can do. Cooking, Sleeping, I used to be a Girl Scout Leader, and of course................You guessed it, going up to the Mountains & to the Beach.

BTW..........if you really wanna see what I look like, here ya are.

Lil `Ole Me


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