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My Spirit

As I stood on the waters edge I could feel the pounding of the waves deep in my chest.  The moonlight sparkled in the waves.  With each deep breath the ocean took apart of me with her.  I stood there waiting as if someone or something had a message to give me.  I felt my spirit draining ever so slowly.  

And then, like a shot out of a canyon, she exhaled.  The waves rose higher and higher until they felt like she was going to swallow me whole.  I was frightened, like I wanted to run out of there, but I couldn't.  All of a sudden a wave came up and wrapped it's fierceness around me.  It was at that moment that I knew it wasn't fear that I should feel but peace, love, tranquility.  

My thoughts turned not to the fierceness of the waves, but as mother wrapping her arms around a small child.  

She is inhaling now~  

I walk back up to the sandy beach.  I sit there watching the dancing sparkles of the water.  Mesmorized by the full moonlight.  

One lonely star twinkled in the still of the night sky.  Just as I stood in solitude as this lonely star did, we knew what our purpose laid in the vast universe of life.  We connected that night.  It was like one sould touching another.  

The mist rose off the ocean, danced in my hair like a child at play.  The soft cool breeze whirled around my body bringing joy and laughter into my thoughts.  

My heart lifted and saored as I reflected on beauty around me.  It was as if I returned home after a long journey.  

The darkness of the night begun to disapate.  A whole new day was about to begin.  The sky was changing from blackness to vibrant colors.  The glow of the sun began to peak over th horizon of the ocean.   My Spirit grew.  I will return to this spot if only in my memories.  For this is the place that I know my sould will always be joined as one with the spirite of the universes.  

By MtnBeach June 7, 1998  
written while sitting at the Beach in Waikiki, Hawaii