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Please take a few minutes to fill this out so that we may be able to better serve you as leaders.

This survey is divided into the following sections:

SECTION A -- Leader that will be returning

  1. What day would you like to meet for 1999-2000

    *Tuesday nights are blocked off for Leader's & Committee members Meetings.

  2. What time do you wish to meet?

  3. Will your troop be meeting in the Girl Scout Building?
    Yes   No 
  4. Do you already have someone in mind to Co-Lead with you?
     Yes  No
  5. If you have a Co-Leader please give us the Name and Phone 
    Number of the individual. Information sent will be kept private.
    Phone Number
  6. Please make sure that your Address & Phone number is up to date.
    Phone Number  E-mail Address
  7. What area will your troop be meeting?
  8. Do you wish to have more Leader Activities?
     Yes  No 
  9. Would you be interested in doing "Secret Sister" with the leaders?
     Yes  No
  10. Will your troop be willing to pay money every month for someone to
    clean the Girl Scout Area of our building?
    Yes  No
  11. Would you be interested in any of the following activities as a
    neighborhood? *please check all that would interst you
    Song Fest	Daddy Daughter/Dance	Mother/Daughter Tea
    Neighborhood Day Camp		
  12. Any additional comments for suggestions for next year.
  13. How do you rate your 1998-99 year of Girl Scouting?
    poor	fair	good	excellent
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SECTION B -- Leaders NOT Returning

  1. Why will you not be returning?

    PCSing Not interestedDon't have the timeOther

  2. Comments or suggestions

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SECTION C -- Interested in Committee Posisitons

  1. What position on the Committe would you be interested in filling? We will need Age Level Consultants for each area.
    Daiy Consultant	Brownie Consultant	Junior Consultant
    Caddette Consultant	Senior Consultant	Public Relations
    Treasurer		Registration		Camp Director
    Secretary		Hut Hag		
  2. If there's something that you see that's not listed as a committee position that would
    be important and should be added.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions in our survey.

This explains how we plan to use the information you provide to us. We will also explain what benefits you receive from helping us in this way.

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questions regarding this form contact:
Neycole Breese - Webmistress
Revised: June 11, 1999.